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DGJ in the USA

By Prof Dai Twaddle B.S. M.A. P.H.D, 2011-05-09

Sounds like an alphabet soup to me, but it rhymes and has cadence; so that's good. You did know I have 'letters' in music don't you? I mean, I'm as familiar with Tonic Sol-fa as I am with Tonic Water.

I'm thinking about getting my alumni people to throw in a few shillings so I can get the pleasure of viewing my very own pie (it will have to be a true 3.1429 inch diameter pie) pushed into DGJ's face! Just how many shillings are there in $50 anyway? I wonder if I can pay in guineas; we just don't hear too much about them anymore. They used to be very popular at the horse track, I recall.

One problem is, I need help with composing a dedication or message. Can I have one that expresses gratitude to all the barmen, barmaids and floor-sweepers that have helped me get back on my feet all these years?

I want to make a poem too. Can anyone help me find suitable words to rhyme with 'Twaddle' - without making any characterizations of my closing-time gait?

I'm hoping you will come to my aid, so I can do my bit to help send that man across the sea and get him out of the land of fathers for a few days. Let's hear that chant again:

David Garland Jones in American homes! David Garland Jones in American homes

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I must be getting old

By Prof Dai Twaddle B.S. M.A. P.H.D, 2011-05-05

I am NOT a Luddite, a fuddy-duddy, or an ignoramus, but some things are hard for me to comprehend. To wit:

How did we go from this - a photo of me getting around campus in my 'learning years' -

to this:

It puts me in need of this:

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The World - as I see it

By Prof Dai Twaddle B.S. M.A. P.H.D, 2011-05-04

Bore da, boys and girls.

I have very few words for you today, but want to let you see the World as I see it - most of the time:

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