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Owain Glyndwr Flag

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2012-06-24

There was a blog recently about buying a Owain Glyndwr flag.I couldn't find a link or address about who to contact to purchase this.Does anyone know.? Les Jenkins.

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Celebrating StDavids day.Welsh Britrock show

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2012-01-28

In answer to the question, can I get the Britrock Show on line? The answer is no.Sorry it's only available in the StLouis area on 94.7 HD 2.KShe 2.However I also do another radio show[New Music Sunday]on 105.7the Point which on Sunday the 4th Mar 7-8pm I will be featuring a few new Welsh rock bands.Unlike the Britrock Show [Welsh Special] I cannot make this an all Welsh show but I can include 3or 4 Welsh tracks.1057thepoint.com is the website to listen on line.In StLouis the Point is 105.7fm.

Les [Aaron] Jenkins.

ps.I will be spending a week back in my home county of Gwynedd the 1st week of May, doe's anyone know of a reliable source to find a small cottage to rent for a week especially around Eryri.Diolch.Lesli.

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Britrock show Welsh special on K-She 2 St Louis.

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2012-01-23

The Weds 29th Feb 2012 Britrock show on K-She 2 Hd radio will be a new Welsh rock special.It runs on St Davids day eve at 8am and 8pm,plus I will also run a repeat of last years special Welsh Britrock show on Sun 4thMar at Noon and Midnight.Shows include music by the likes of Badfinger, Bystanders,Man,Big Sleep,Mary Hopkin,Dave Edmunds,Miek Stevens,Colorama,Radio Luxembourg,Meinir Gwilym,Cwboys Rhos Bottonwg,Manic Street Preachers, Shirley Bassey,Budgie etc.Les Jenkins.

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Meinir Gwilym is wonderful

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2012-01-20

I recently discovered the charm and beauty of the music of Meinir Gwilym.I can't find a cd to buy for some reason but she has quite a bit of stuff on You Tube including a wonderful duet with Bryn Terfel called Mellt.If you love great female singer songwriters in the folk idiom please check her out ,you'll love her too.Lesli Jenkins.

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Love Spoons

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2012-01-06

Can anyone recommend a good reliable source for Love Spoons?Les Jenkins

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Saint Gwynwen's Day

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2011-12-21

Thanks very much to Gaynor and Mona for their help.Very much appreciated.

Nadolig Llawen i pawb.Les Jenkins.

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Saint Dwynwen's Day

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2011-12-20

Doe's anyone know if it is possible to buy Saint Dwynwen's day cards.Is there such a thing?If there is where would I get it from.Google didn't produce anything.Nice slate heart available from the national slate museum but you have to go there.Thanks for any help.Les Jenkins.

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Gary Speed

By Lesli ben Jenkins, 2011-11-30

I just wanted to add my heartfelt sadness at the loss of one of [not only Wales']but Britains best ever footballers.Gary Speed R.I .P.He gave so much to Welsh and English football over the years[Still playing in Sheffield into his late 30s]but also still had so much to give as a manager of the Welsh national side.

It is so sad that an illness called depression can affect someone so badly that, because of the stigma related to the illness, that someone can't seem to ask for help.Gary Speed had so many friends it's just so difficult to comprehend that he couldn't ask for help.Gary was certainly not the only person to feel this way, it has killed many people before him.Bye, great man,please now be at peace.Les Jenkins

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