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Simple Heart Lovespoon – in Peach

Simple Heart Lovespoon – in Peach
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The message this lovespoon conveys is one of love – pure and true, and is approximately 11” long. This is one of my favorite designs – often considered by others as my “flagship” design, because as simple as it is, it’s also full of challenge and delicate refinement, and is a perfect example of my style. And while it’s so simple, it may seem like anyone could have drawn it, it seems that nobody has done anything like it. The most common comment I hear from people is, “I’ve never seen anything like it!” I also think this illustrates just how valuable the design is to a lovespoon. It is certainly one of my most compelling designs.

Even though I always know I need to let go of a spoon after I finish it, sometimes I miss it, or just want to carve it again. That’s what will make me repeat a design – and this one, I’ve repeated more than any other – in many different woods. It’s still filled with interesting challenges, and feels special every time – I still love carving it, and remember each one. As few details as there may seem to be, it is a challenge to get it right. But the moment it’s no longer interesting, I will have carved it for the last time, and its limited run will have ended. And in case you think repeating a design makes it less special, I assure you, each one is still very special and rare.

This one was the first piece I carved from a log I got from my cousin’s peach tree. As it turns out, Peach is beautiful, and smells delightfully fruity as it’s being worked, but it’s also a deceptively hard and challenging wood to carve – even for me, who regularly carves very hard fruit and nut woods!