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Cymro bach

By Gareth Williams, 2008-05-19
Last week I think, NAY, I KNOW that I made an inapropriate, racist and politically inncorrect comment but got away with it (I hope).As part of my recruiting role with the army, potentials go through a selection process where they do a series of tests and challenges. Two are command task orientated in teams to check out team players and potential leaders.The sydicate I assessed was mostly made up of English lads with one little Welshman from the island of strong men. He was quick, he was strong, probably the most robust and most able to endure hardship of the eight. His first language was Welsh and he looked down at his feet a lot and blushed easily. I saw me 20 years ago. His accent was so strong it brought a tear to my eye.At the end of a particularly rubbish attempt to use planks and ropes to get across a chasm I went on the rascist rant. The wee islander grafted quietly like a trojan whilst the others had a chinese parliament of words to show me how clever they all were. This is the gist of what I said:'You see there are some people who do not need to have any competence in any skill to be confidently authoritive on it, these people are called THE ENGLISH PEOPLE. They know everything'Like it.Im waiting nervously for a shout to go in for a chat with the CO without coffee!!!!!
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