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In Welsh and English, Teisen Bork or "Pork Cake"

Moved from the old Welsh Cooking and...
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02/27/10 02:28:17AM @jeanmarie:
Dear Gareth and Family,Thank you for your service!!! I sincerely mean that. What a beautiful wife and child to leave behind.(gotta be tough) I appreciate your sacrifice and theirs. I am a barber, in Milwaukee, WI. I give "High&Tight's to the Recruiting Major here and weekly a Master Gunnery Sergeant(23 years). About 2 years ago, I travelled to see the Change of Command.. A snow storm was coming thru, and I ended up driving thru it. I wanted my daughter(15) to experience it. We drove thru white-out conditions, to get there. I love these Marines!!! I know your Army, and I love you, too. As my weekly, US Marine, recruiter said, "you don't want an, Atheiest(sp) in your foxhole." What a tough job!!I understand the difficulty.It's one thing to talk a young man into joining..... another to convince his family!!!(ect....)The Welsh and English 'thing' has to be set to the side, with the Middle Eastern stuff.I am a 5' 0", 95# Welsh woman . Quick and Strong.... also a very good marksman.As an American, I am Welsh, Dutch, Italian,French, English>this my fathers' side. Russian, Polish, and????>mothers'. And my daughter has Native American Indian and Hungarian,besides.Try watching the Olympics and "Root, for a Country!" Hah!!!!The Native American Indians, believed that they were the center of the universe, where ever they were.. .Stand in the middle of a circle,,,, and as you turn,, so does your perception.Once again, thank you for your service, jmd
Ian Price2
01/25/10 02:05:11PM @ian-price2:
Red Ribbon
02/25/09 02:32:17AM @gaabi:
"ok, I NEED to learn Spanish "Si, mucho gusto, mi hermano! She's 51, an architect(?), has twin 20-year-old daughters, is descended from Welsh people in Argentina and likes Welsh food and music (I think that's what that last bit was!).Good to "see" you, Gareth!
Ceri Shaw
02/25/09 12:40:30AM @ceri-shaw:
Shwmae gareth...are you back from wherever now?Still hoping for that marching band for the Eisteddfod.Got the thing booked at at last....sorting out insurance and and tomorrow.
Ceri Shaw
12/10/08 10:19:05PM @ceri-shaw:
Shwmae Gareth.....judgement day in the hardest welshman comp in 4 days time.....looks like owain glyndwr is a runaway winner..
Ian Price2
08/13/08 08:17:21PM @ian-price2:

Here's a cartoon of someone I made up some time ago. He's called Quentin Whistleton Thynne ( Col Rtd ). You may recognise the character as someone between Terry Thomas and Lional Jeffries.BestIan

Ian Price2
08/13/08 08:42:52AM @ian-price2:

Here you are Gar. BestIan

Ian Price2
08/13/08 12:04:16AM @ian-price2:
R Lee Ermey was his name.
Ian Price2
08/12/08 10:36:30PM @ian-price2:
Don't mind if I do. Remember now it's a caricature NOT A PORTRAIT. Some people get very tetchy if they don't end up looking - as you said - like Dolph Lundgren.
Ian Price2
08/12/08 07:12:00PM @ian-price2:

Here's one for you Gar. Jack Watson played more sergeants in more films than I care to remember. The Devil's BrigadeThe Wild GeeseTobrukRaid On Rommel et al

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