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Jon Langford at Spillers in Cardiff, "Tom Jones Levitation"

Duration: 00:03:27
For Dave Martin, from Ceri and Gaabi :)and thank you, Jon, very much for a great song

Ceri Shaw
08/30/08 02:36:15AM @ceri-shaw:

Ceri Shaw
08/30/08 02:32:30AM @ceri-shaw:
( embedding disabled)

Ceri Shaw
08/30/08 02:29:11AM @ceri-shaw:

Ceri Shaw
08/30/08 02:27:43AM @ceri-shaw:
by the way Jon aint a singer/songwriter. Mekons frontman. Best punk band of all time.
Ceri Shaw
08/30/08 02:26:11AM @ceri-shaw:
is it expected to hit new orleans right now?
dave martin
08/30/08 02:23:04AM @dave-martin:
the sound dont work but any singer song writer is suspect to me at the moment i,m doing the hurricane thang , and playing the flamin groovies teenage head and other old rock albums while i load magazines for the storm wheres our resident rsm when you need him we got a free fire zone come tuesday
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