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Portland, Oregon Noson Lawen

Portland, Oregon Noson Lawen

Saturday June 24 2017, 6:30 PM
@ Lucky Lab Pub, Multnomah Vuillage,...
Attendees:  @Ceri Shaw@gaabi

An evening of singing, stories and a good time at the Lucky Lab pub in Multnomah Village, thrown by the Welsh Festival Chorus. and co-sponsored by Bryn Seion Welsh Church.  Hosted by MC's Andrea Wild and Hugo Glanville, musical guests Three Pound Note.  Admission is $15, discount for family groups, and includes Lucky Lab's hand-tossed barley pizza and salad.  Bring a story, bring a song, contributions welcome!

Sing a rousing round of your favorite Welsh song, attend to a well-told tale, and laugh at a good joke - it’s all part of this uniquely Welsh gathering of friends and family - The Welsh Society of Oregon’s annual Noson Lawen.

The event is hosted by the Welsh Society Festival Chorus who will present a handful of enchanting Welsh tunes.  MCs Andrea Wild and Hugo Glanville will lead us in pub singing and their band Three Pound Note will also join them on the stage for some Welsh, Cornish and English folk songs.  And if you have a song, poem, joke or pub trivia to share?  This is a participatory event: Ewch amdani!  Go for it!

Price includes hand-tossed, barley flour pizza and salad through the evening.  Beverages available at our own private bar.  Just head for the party room upstairs.  Food starts at 6:30 and the singing around 7pm.

Download event flier here

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