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"Carl Peters-Bond, from Biopharm Leeches in Hendy, is one of just two FDA registered leech farmers in the world"

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"Research commissioned by Hub Cymru Africa tracking the public’s engagement with global poverty and sustainable development has found that Wales is more engaged than the rest of the UK."

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"Wales need just a single point from their showdown with Slovenia at the Cardiff City Stadium on Tuesday evening as they bid to reach the FIFA Women’s World Cup Play-Offs. Victory could see them make a dream trip down under for the finals in Australia next year."

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"In just two months, a 16ft high sandy beach has been created on the North Wales coast - and the locals are overjoyed"

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"Lake Vyrnwy -- a reservoir in Powys, Wales -- has evaporated enough to expose the vestiges of the village Llanwddyn.",w_1100,c_fill,g_auto,h_619,ar_16:9/

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"86 million trees are set to be planted in Wales by the end of the decade as part of a pledge by the Welsh Government to combat the climate emergency. Farmers and landowners will receive around £32m worth of grants, Minister for Climate Change Julie James has announced."

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Please Check Out Team Unlimbited

By gaabi, 2018-04-29

Team Unlimbited are two men in Swansea, Wales who are doing something lovely and amazing, which you can see below.  You can find out more and be part of contributing to this incredible effort on their website here

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Obituary of Dr. J. Marshall Bevil

By gaabi, 2017-02-09

AmeriCymru member Dr. J. Marshall Bevil has passed away this last week in Houston, Texas. Jack Bevil was a husband, father and grandfather.  A Doctor of Musicology, forensic musicologist, composer and arranger and a teacher of music, for years he directed the Lovett Elementary school string orchestra and mentored other school orchestras to competitive performance, teaching hundreds of children, changing their lives and improving their communities.  

Jack Bevil played and composed for the Welsh crwth and was kind enough to speak on and perform the crwth for us at the 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod. You can watch him performing, and speaking a little Welsh, at the event, below:

He was kind of enough to share audio files of his performance on the crwth with us all here:

Jack Bevil was an amazing addition to our community here on AmeriCymru, an artist, a scholar and a very decent human being who was proud of and worked to share his Welsh heritage.  We are honored to have had the immense pleasure of meeting him and being the recipient of some of his generosity and kindness.  There is no one else like him and he will be greatly missed.

Dr. Bevil's family have posted the following regarding his memorial service on his page on facebook:

"Jack's memorial arrangements are as follows.

"Friday 5pm-8pm: Visitation at Klein Funeral home. 9719 Wortham Blvd., Houston, TX 77065

"Saturday: 10am memorial service at Klein Funeral home.

"Saturday: 1:30pm short graveside ceremony at Anahuac Cemetary.

"In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Camp Sweeney. It is a camp for diabetic children. I attended the camp every summer between ages 11 and 18 and it truly changed my life. Jack was very thankful a place like camp Sweeney existed and would like to pass that gift on to others. Follow the following link if you would like to donate.

"Please contact Dafydd Bevil if you have any questions."

You can find his obituary here, on the site of the funeral home:

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The Guardian reported that dinosaur bones found by amateur fossil hunters in a rock fall at the Glamoganshire Golf Club have been declared to be those of a new species -

Two fossil hunters looking for ichthyosaur fossils found the bones in a fall of boulders which had come out of the cliffs at Lavernock Point,   in the Severn Estuary. 

Lavernock Point 062315

About 40% of the skeleton has been recovered, which is unusually complete for Jurassic-era fossils.

The dinosaur was a dog-sized, predatory carnivorce, and has been named Dracoraptor hanigani , meaning “dragon robber,” in honor of its resting place in Wales.

More stories:

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AmeriCymru member, and friend, Peter Thabit has been awarded the 2016 Ted Slade Award for 'service to poetry.'

Peter is a poet and is the founder and editor of Seventh Quarry magazine

He has worked tirelessly to promote poetry and poets, and we at AmeriCymru owe him a debt of gratitude for the help he's given us as a volunteer judge and so much more for the West Coast Eisteddfod.  

The award website described Peter as "someone who, like the other recipients of the Ted Slade Award, has given so much to promote and sustain audiences for poetry and to create outlets for the work of others...." and listed just some of the many things he's done,  "writing fine poetry for adults, his children’s writing is outstanding and helps to develop a love of poetry in his readers.  Peter’s output  encompasses theatre, media and publishing.  He was born in Swansea, and his  work in promoting poetry in Wales has brought him to prominence.   He regularly flies the flag for poets in schools, festivals and events throughout Wales, and across Europe and the USA. "

We're honored to have Peter as a member, to have his help and to have his acquaintence.  Congratulations, Peter Thabit Jones, we think you're the perfect choice for this award.

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