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Dinosaur Bones Found in Wales Officially Declared New Species!

user image 2016-01-21
By: gaabi
Posted in: News

The Guardian reported that dinosaur bones found by amateur fossil hunters in a rock fall at the Glamoganshire Golf Club have been declared to be those of a new species -

Two fossil hunters looking for ichthyosaur fossils found the bones in a fall of boulders which had come out of the cliffs at Lavernock Point,   in the Severn Estuary. 

Lavernock Point 062315

About 40% of the skeleton has been recovered, which is unusually complete for Jurassic-era fossils.

The dinosaur was a dog-sized, predatory carnivorce, and has been named Dracoraptor hanigani , meaning “dragon robber,” in honor of its resting place in Wales.

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