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Google maps offers an interesting option for traveling between Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons.  Not only can you use two routes by car but you can get there much more quickly by dragon:

Google maps route Snowdon to Brecon Beacons


Driving will take a bit over 3 hours but Dragon will get you there in 21 minutes!  Unfortunately, there is no Dragon service between any other destinations in Wales, according to Google maps.

To see for yourself, go to  and search for either Snowdon, then ask for directions to the Brecon Beacons (or vice versa).






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Gratuitous cat pic

By gaabi, 2015-02-02

We wanted to watch a movie last night, I looked all over for the remote and then finally found it.  :/

Bingewatching the Birds and Fish Channel and now there's nothing but reruns?

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Ceri and I were lucky enough to get to hook up with Brian y Tarw Lloyd and his awesome daughter, Breanne Sciaroni yesterday at a couple of pubs in Portland, finishing up at the Horse Brass. 

Ceri told them about our video demonstration for the US Ambassador and they both gamely volunteered to perform their versions, below:


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