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Annwyl Gyfaill -  for  December 2019 , I am offering American Welsh societies and organizations the opportunity to host my presentation: 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'.

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In addition or as an alternative, you may be interested in one of my  other  Welsh-American lectures, as listed in this link:  http:// dulaisrhysmusicservices.com/ publiclectures.htm

Also, a 'non-Welsh' seasonal fun event is my 'Christmas Music Quiz', which could be offered in conjunction with my 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'.

Please contact me for additional information - I look forward to hearing from you!

Yn ddiffuant /sincerely,

Dulais Rhys, Ph.D


An illustrated history and reading


Presented by Dulais Rhys, Ph.D


2014 was the centenary of the birth of celebrated Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, and many commemorative events were held in his native Wales and worldwide. Along with his well-known poems Fern Hill, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and Death Shall Have No Dominion , Thomas also wrote prose about the Welsh way of life, such as his iconic ‘play for voices,’ Under Milk Wood and the charming A Child’s Christmas in Wales.


A Child’s Christmas in Wales is a sentimental and romantic account of an early 20 th century Welsh Christmas and consists of a series of scenarios, reminiscences, anecdotes, childhood adventures and family incidents. Its atmospheric Welsh charm and humor is typical of a way of life which, sadly, has all but disappeared.


My presentation includes a powerpoint slideshow of Dylan Thomas’s life and work as well audio examples of the poet’s unique reading voice.


“Praise the Lord! We are a musical nation.” intoned the Rev. Eli Jenkins in Under Milk Wood and as a Wales-born, Welsh-speaking musician currently based in the Bay Area, A Child’s Christmas in Wales always reminds me of aspects of my childhood.



  1. Dylan Thomas: a brief history

  2. Dylan Thomas: visits to America

  3. A Child’s Christmas in Wales – background

  4. Five minute mandatory, non-optional, compulsory, doors-are-locked Welsh language lesson J

  5. Reading of A Child’s Christmas in Wales


Presentation duration: c1 hour

Speaker Fee: $250.00 USD

Expenses: a contribution toward travel costs is appreciated.


Thank you for considering my proposal and please contact me for more information.



Dulais Rhys, Ph.D




The named persons below have given their permission to be contacted for a critique of my presentation:

  • Merced Branch Library, San Francisco (December 10, 2014): Ms Elizabeth Thacker-Estrada

  • Livermore Library, CA (December 14, 2014): Mr Paul Sevilla

A Child’s Christmas in Wales






Wales*-born and Welsh-speaking, I am a professional musician currently based in Billings, Montana.


Dylan Thomas’s father was born in my home town (Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthen ) which is c10 miles west of the poet’s beloved Talacharn/ Laugharne .



My hobbies include reading, movies, golf, cooking … and flying a plane!


* Wales is the country to the west of England and east across the sea from Ireland.

At least a dozen of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Welsh descent, including Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Robert Morris, Francis Lewis and William Williams. (Davies, Edwards, Evans, Hughes, Jenkins, Jones, Owen, Price, Pugh, Roberts, Thomas are also common Welsh last names).


As well as poets such as Dylan Thomas, in the arts, Wales has given the world painters, e.g., Augustus John, Kyffin Williams; singers, e.g., Bryn Terfel, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Katherine Jenkins; and actors, e.g., Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Milland (born Alfred Reginald Jones)


I hope you will enjoy the presentation J

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