Hotei by Kathryn Dillard

11/30/16 05:03:46AM
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I can tell you are a happy man

by the look of your calves,

well-rounded and wholesome as almonds

as you tend to eggplants in your garden.

You effuse about your laundromat,

the infant’ clothes brighter and softer

with each passing wash, tiny cocoons

rustling in the autumn breeze on your roof.

Show off your latest painting

high up on the gold-hued wall,

its strokes of red, green and black

falling like rain on still lifes of clocks and fruit.

We leave the earth glow of your room

for the stables where animals meet

to clash horns and hooves,

and you pat your belly as you digress

that yes, even a little smoke and fury

may erupt from a joyful man,

but better to release the fire outside

where the elements can cradle it

in their timeless haunches,

and as I look out past the door

of the corral into the oaks beyond,

I see you may not be prestigious

but are generous enough

to invite me into your home

and share the gifts that keep you

laughing in a world of sorrow.

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