Mervyn James
05/10/10 09:21:23PM
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Sorry Boyo, we had an saint spare, but the Irish got there first..
Quentin Whistleton Thynne
04/24/10 09:47:23AM
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Now look here! I'm not one to carp on about bloody foreigners but when I discovered that Saint George was the offspring of a candle maker and wadi merchant I almost swallowed my pipe.

It's all well and good to look up to ones betters - myself for example -but I draw the line at worshiping Johnny foreigner even if he's supposed to have slain that Celtic reptile; dragons my derierre.

What we need is a good old fashioned Englishsaint -who is the next best thing to God -to serve as a role model. I've cast my eye far and wide and as far as I may divine there is only one candidate, apart from myself, and that is the Beckham boy. True! He's never played for Southampton and is a tad rough in his linguistical delivery but he does have a fine looking ball and chain and several sprogs to boot. I'm also given to understand that he's not averse to wearing Crusader colours.

Of course should he decline I willby perforcetake on the onerous task of the Elect in order to secure my rightful place in the great beyond.

Toodle Pip

QWT (Col Rtd )

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