Welsh stake claim on Ohio capital !

03/05/14 04:09:03AM
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Good on you, Laura! How cool was that! Who is the other person with you in the pic?

Ceri Shaw
03/05/14 03:53:20AM
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Great pics....diolch for posting Laura And diolch for the card too :)

Laura B. Gorun
03/05/14 03:39:15AM
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We've actually been doing it for years - usually ON St. David's Day - and this year & last year, I even had the honor of being the one to raise it. A beautiful (albeit COLD) day for it this year! Couldn't get the wind to blow the direction I wanted, though. ;)

Ceri Shaw
02/28/14 08:12:47PM
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Gwych....diolch am eich bost

02/28/14 07:44:58PM
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The Welsh plant the Drag Goch and claim Ohio! A day early for St. Davids though.First time I've seen a Welsh flag flown in the States outside of Renaissance Fairs.lol https://www.facebook.com/WelshSocietyOfCentralOhio#!/WelshSocietyOfCentralOhio/posts/744489028902624

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