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Dydd Santes Dwynwen: An Icy Day for Lovers

Duration: 00:04:38
January 25 is Dydd Santes Dwynwen, or Saint Dwynwen's Day, the Saint Valentine's Day of Wales. According to one version of the story of Saint Dwynwenand the...

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Matthew Reese
01/27/14 11:53:35PM @matthew-reese:

I may have to seek out the music and try to learn it!. Of course, my voice isn't near so lovely...

Ceri Shaw
01/27/14 05:26:23PM @ceri-shaw:

It is! And I wish it were better known....there is a Charlotte Church version in English somewhere on YouTube but this is much better imho.

Matthew Reese
01/27/14 05:05:20PM @matthew-reese:

Beauty! I ran across tis vid awhile back, and it is just lovely!

Ceri Shaw
01/24/14 04:03:22AM @ceri-shaw:

English language lyrics for the chorus of 'Tra Bo Dau' ( video above )

Wealth is but a vanity
Purety does not last
But the pure love, like steel lasts,
While there are two