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Nantybar by Beryl Richards

user image 2009-07-07
By: Ceri Shaw
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Americymru member Beryl Richards has kindly consented to make her work "Nantybar - A Vanished Village in the Afan Valley" available for download. The book is available in PDF format and can be obtained here or by clicking the link below.

Beryl Richards, a historian and poet from Port Talbot in South Wales will also be giving a presentation at the left coast eisteddfod "Unlocking The Madoc Enigma". Here is an excerpt from the preface to the book:-"

"The Upper Afan Valley runs in a northerly direction, from the steel town of Port Talbot, for some 22 miles. The 1850s saw an unprecedented era of growth and development in the locality due to the enormous deposits of coal to be found there. The demand for it caused by advances in industrial technology on a national level, which needed fuel to power the newly invented steam engines and steam-powered ships.Alongside these advances in technology, commerce and trade were rapidly expanding to what would become a globally significant level."