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Discover 366 fun and surprising stories about Wales

user image 2022-09-22
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Book News

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    Wales on This Day

   Huw Rees and Sian Kilcoyne

   20 October 2022

   Hardback, £12.99, 200 pages

   ISBN: 9781915279118, Calon



Did you know that the recipe of Tennessee's famous Jack Daniel's whiskey is rumoured to have originated in Llanelli?

Or that the world's first radio play was set in a Welsh coal mine?  

Why was a showing of the Jurassic Park film in Carmarthen so special?  

And how is Rupert Bear connected to Snowdonia?  

Delve in to discover the stories that most history books leave out.

A fun collection of fascinating stories, facts and figures from the small country that definitely punches above its weight.   Wales on This Day  is a joyful insight into Wales’s national history, the major events and people that have made it the country it is today.  

Huw Rees and Sian Kilcoyne  run 'The History of Wales' Facebook page, now with over 170,000 followers. They are a brother and sister team, dedicated to improving their  knowledge of their country and sharing it with a wider audience.  Their aim is to provide objective and (hopefully!) interesting information, to help them and their readers better understand who we are as a nation, highlighting major past events, items of interest and the famous Welsh people that have shaped us into what we are today. Huw is a Welsh expat living in Wexford, Ireland. Sian lives in Caerphilly, Wales