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A Brush with Love Life and Laughter by Alwyn Parry

user image 2020-04-22
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: about

We are delighted to offer Alwyn 'Taffy' Parry's new book 'A Brush With Love, Life and Laughter' to our readers. The book is available for free download here:- A Brush With Life & Laughter

The book is the story of a boy growing up in Wales during the 1940's and is illustrated throughout with the authors' paintings.

Alwyn told AmeriCymru that, with so many older folk in lockdown, the book might inspire them to record their own family history. We thought this was a wonderful offer and would like to take this opportunity to thank Alwyn for his example and his generosity. It is also a superb (and productive) idea for passing the time during the lockdown. 

For fans of Alwyn's work there is also an interview with the author and a review of his earlier title 'The Quarryman's Son' here:- From Wales To New Zealand

Enjoy / Mwynhewch :)