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Inspired by Harri Webb

user image 2020-03-26
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Harri Webb

This film shows the inspiration of Harri Webb’s life and poetry on the people of Merthyr. Those who knew him,read his verse and admired his politics. Children from three schools wrote poems in workshops inspired by his work for a competition. Locals at a monthly Open Mic at the Imperial Hotel read his poetry, sing songs and read their own poems based on Webb’s verse. Featuring ‘Colli Iaith’ music track with the vocals of Erin Lancaster and produced by Gwyncy Jones . Harri Webb lives on through all of them...

Mae'r ffilm hon yn dangos ysbrydoliaeth bywyd a farddoniaeth Harri Webb ar bobl Merthyr : y rhai oedd yn ei adnabod, yn darllen ei bennill ac yn edmygu ei wleidyddiaeth. Ysgrifennodd plant o dair ysgol gerddi a ysbrydolwyd gan ei waith ar gyfer cystadleuaeth. Pobl leol mewn Meic Agored misol yn darllen ei gerddi, yn canu chaneuon ac yn perfformio cerddi a ysbrydolwyd ganddo. Yn cynnwys y dôn thema 'Colli Iaith' chanu gan Erin Lancaster a'i chynhyrchu gan Gwyncy Jones. Mae Harri Webb yn byw trwy bob un ohonyn nhw...


Looking Up England's Arsehole - Harri Webb

Many of Harri's titles are still available though some have become collectors items and this fact is sadly reflected in the prices.    Harri Webb on Amazon  

For first time readers, looking to acquaint themselves with Harri's patriotic and boozy ballads, we recommend the excellent Y Lolfa reprint of his collection - Looking Up England's Arsehole

Harri Webb on Wikipedia:- Harri Webb

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Ceri Shaw
03/27/20 03:01:40AM @ceri-shaw:

'Colli Iaith' (Losing Language) written by Harri Webb and performed by Elin Fflur.