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Bachgen - Boy

  • Croeseiriau Cymraeg: click here
  • bachgen - boy     bechgyn - boys

    sample sentence: Mae'r bachgen wedi seiclo yma ( The boy has cycled here )

    Image: Bachgen

  • Try our Teulu - Family, Welsh Vocabulary Crossword

    • Work your way through the wordlist. Learn the words and study the associated sample sentences.
    • You can always click on 'Solve Question' if you get stuck on a crossword clue. You can also check your answers by clicking on the solution links.  ALL crossword pages include links to appropriate wordlist and solution pages.


    Cymraeg Vocabulary Crossword 2.1 Teulu - Family

    Crossword 2.1 (Wordlist)

    Crossword 2.1

    Crossword 2.1 (Solution)

      Read first   Croeseiriau Cymraeg Part 2 (Crosswords 7-12) The Future Tense And More

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