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Pos - Puzzle , Riddle , Conundrum

  • pos - puzzle , riddle , conundrum   posau - puzzles , riddles , conundrums n.m.

    sample sentence:

    Ydych chi'n gallu datrys y pos isod ?   -  Can you solve the puzzle below?

    Image: rhywle yng Nghymru

    An interactive version of this puzzle, with the correct answer for anyone who is stuck, can be found here -  Three Tries For A Welshman - St David's Day Puzzle - English only.

  • Which Way To The Pub?

    It's St David's Day and Ianto is on his way to the pub. As he makes his way to the ''Soused Ferret'', a local hostelry, he realises that he is lost. He meets a couple en route and he asks them the way. Unfortunately for Ianto one of them is a habitual liar whilst the other always tells the truth. He is given conflicting directions:-

    Megan tells him "Just keep going straight ahead."

    Elwyn tells him "The next left."

    Then Elwyn adds "At least one of us isn''t lying."

    Who is telling the truth and which way should Ianto go?

Ceri Shaw
07/11/20 06:05:19PM @ceri-shaw:

The correct answer is left :)