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Free Printable Welsh Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween - Dragon Patterns

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  • Halloween is coming your free Ddraig Goch pumpkin stencils here!!!!!

  • A superb job....diolch

  • Halloween is coming your free Ddraig Goch pumpkin stencils here!!!!!

  • Still time to carve your Welsh Dragon stencil for tonight. Download the pattern now!!

  • Diolch!!
  • WOW!  That looks great!  I'm still hoping to do a book of these and someone else did another one of these last year or the year before and he said I could use his pic, if that's your son's pic, could you ask him if I can have permission to use it or if it's yours, can I get your permission?  He did a great job and it looks awesome!

  • It's that time of year again folks

  • If you do it, please share a pic! I'd love to see how they come out. I'll try mine tonight so tomorrow we'll see what I got.
  • Wow Gaabi - that's great! Thank you :)
  • That's fabulous. I'll definitely take a stab at it. Thanks for sharing!
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