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Glyndwr & Presley... Superior Fish'n'Chips

user image 2008-05-19
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Miscellaneous

On Monday 19th 2008 Gareth Williams addressed the masses and he spake thus:-"Ha. That William Wallace was a pussy! Big OG WOULD HAVE KICKED HIS HAGGISY ASS RIGHT BACK TO STIRLING. Dont be fooled by the Saxon/Norman propaganda machine. Owain and Elvis run a fish and chip shop in Corwen. My mate Edgar swears to it"We need evidence! Does anyone have any photographs?. ( hint, photoshop skills required ). I think there should be a prize on here for the best pic. Perhaps a jar of of "G&P's Homemade Pickled Eggs ". I hear they are a legend!

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