• A Welsh Christmas Ghost Story

    Haunting On Board H.M.S. Asp

    The Christmas Eve Ghost story is not exactly a Welsh tradition but certainly a much loved feature on UK television in the 1970's.

    The above reading of Charles Dickens 'The Signalman' is a fictional tale. The Welsh ghost story reproduced below from The Spiritual Magazine is, however, allegedly true. It concerns a wraith like female figure which haunted a British Navy survey ship ( HMS Asp ) off the coast of Wales in the 1850's. Whatever your take on the supernatural we hope you will read and enjoy our Welsh Christmas ghost story.

    Our story begins with the following introductory letter in the 'Spiritual Magazine' 1868.


    To the Editor of the ' Pembroke Dock and Tenby Gazette.'

    " Sir, — I shall feel obliged by your inserting in your next impression an account of a ' Ghost,' which has been seen oil board H.M. Ship Asp from 1850 to 1857. '' The account is in the handwriting of Captain Alldridge, R.N., who was in command of that ship at the time above- named. " The MSS. was sent to me by a gentleman residing at Exeter, whose name I will give to any one wishing to know it, with a request that I should investigate the matter, and supply him with any information I might be able to gain in connexion with this most mysterious tale. " I know of no better way of attaining this end, than by publishing the story in your paper, at the same time soliciting information, in person or by letter, from any one who may happen to be conversant with the facts, and able to throw any light upon the subject. "

    I am, Sir, your obedient servant, " C. DOUGLAS. " Vicarage, Pembroke, Jan. 21, 1868.

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