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Rhianne Griffiths
11/09/10 12:27:28PM @rhianne-griffiths:
How wonderful, I will check you out on FB - it's not my favourite social networking platform and I shall tell you why face-to-face.I'm an advocate of protecting children on the Internet, and huge amounts of my time is spent in 'not-for-profit' work related to this subject.If you have had an opportunity to seek me out widely on the Internet you will have discovered that I too have little dogs - 3 Yorkshire Terriers. It would be lovely to meet and chat while walking the canines.Once again delighted to meet you.Warmest wishes,Rhianneaka @LadyBizBiz on Twitterand here on LinkedIn
Rhianne Griffiths
11/09/10 11:26:28AM @rhianne-griffiths:
I shall be watching out for you tomorrow evening on BBC2.;o)) R
Rhianne Griffiths
11/09/10 11:25:41AM @rhianne-griffiths:
Hello ValerieGood to meet you here on Americymru, I live in Gower.I was wondering what your keynote address in the Ukraine was all about? Can you share the details here?Hwyl Rhianne
11/08/10 07:02:10PM @sexbomb:
Valerie - Congratulations on the BBC2 feature! That is so great and very exciting. . . hopefully, we'll get a 'repeat' of if here, in the States, on BBCAmerica . . .Diolch for sharing,William
Huw Winston
11/16/08 06:10:47PM @huw-winston:
Thanks so much. I will keep looking.Huw
Wild Canary
11/15/08 12:13:28AM @wild-canary:
Oh, dear! I am so glad you are all okay, but what a time. I have done some spinouts on wet leaves, but fortunately nothing got in the way.To think you were in Ithaca riding the Indian! A dear friend from Ithaca was just on the phone this morning. He wrote a score that his mother lent me, so I was complimenting him. And my girlfriend's daughter is at Cornell in her first year.Well, you take care of you and the doggies. Ours just had a tangle with a porcupine Sunday, last. The dogs looked bad, Two had to go to the vet. But they killed the poor porkie.It is so exciting about the raffle. You are kind to donate.Now, take care and rest up. Those accidents have a way of sneaking up on you. Godspeed.
Wild Canary
11/14/08 06:30:48PM @wild-canary:
Congratulations on your win! You are my kind of grandma...riding on an Indian motorbike! Wheeehaa! You also have an understanding of distance in grandparenting; not easy but not impossible either.Soon, soon, maybe we will end our experiment in non-consumerism and I will be able to buy some of your books.
Huw Winston
09/30/08 02:02:57AM @huw-winston:
Valerie,My grandfathe came to the USA from Brecon in 1923 and I was wondering how many people with the sir name Winston were still in the area? Do you know any Winstons? Thank you for any info you could give me.Huw Winston
Mike Thomas
09/22/08 03:44:12AM @mike-thomas:
Hello Valerie, i just joined this site. My GGGGGGGGrandfather lived In Myddfai. I have been so excited since i traced my ancestry. I cant wait to visit next summer.And im so glad i found someone from Myddfai.
Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE
07/08/08 02:39:31PM @valerie-wood-gaiger-mbe:
Dear Tam & CeriI do hope your father had am much fun on his Birthday as I am having. Fireworks & a party on my Birthday and treats everyday. Yesterday we went to visit a friend of a friend and I had a joy ride in his little plane. He almost looped the loop. Would have if his plane had been capable of doing so. I then, much to my grandson Kristian's annoyance, had a ride back to town on his Harley Davidson. Quite by chance met this guy's sister & her boyfriend and I switched to the boyfriends Indian motorbike (never heard of the make, or model, before but it was so pretty and noisy! The boys at the West End Cafe in Llandovery would have loved it) for a burn up round the town. When I got back I gloated so much that Kristian said he would torture me to death if I didn't stop.Initially I had a few problems with my grandaughter Lula, so difficult to establish a relationship when we live so far apart, but we had a talk on the way back from bowling and she has been a joy ever since.Friday we are off to New York City, My son Nicky's Danish daughter Maria is flying over from Denmark bringing little Magnus, my great grandson. So looking forward to seeing them. I fly back on Monday but will not get back to Wales till 16th. I am looking forward to the spending the rest of the summer in my little cottage with my dogs Brock & little Lily. I don't have any trips planned till I go to The Ukraine in October. I will be a keynote speaker at a conference. Have never been to The Ukraine before!It is difficult to look at you photos etc at the moment but hope to do so when I get home. I will also add a photo to my profile.
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