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I was born in North Wales and I attended the local college to study Art, Design and Illutration and from there I furthered my studies at the London Institute. I then worked in visual communication and after working in London and Ireland and for a brief period in Seattle. I thankfully returned home permanently to Wales in 1989. But after being layed off work twice and unable to find suitable work back in Wales I decided to work on my own projects. And the first project was to be about Cymru. I had bought an old map of north Wales (John Speed) while I was studying in London in the early 70’s, this being something I could not resist. This was the start of my Welsh theme, which has been a labor of love.

All of my work is a combination of design, photography and illustration. I do the research and collect old photographs as well as taking my own photographs. I then put everything together on the apple Mac computer.

Commissioned work is also undertaken, please email for further information.

ddraigdragon is based in Wales and my aim/vision is to produce unique quality gifts.

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Tony David Roberts
@tony-david-roberts • 5 years ago

Today is Tony David Roberts's Birthday
Tony David Roberts
@tony-david-roberts • 6 years ago • comments: 0
Today is Tony David Roberts's Birthday
Tony David Roberts
@tony-david-roberts • 6 years ago
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Ceri Shaw
11/30/17 09:56:00PM @ceri-shaw:

Hi Tony....just upgraded you to a Basic Store Account as per your request :) You can upload products whenever you are ready :)

Ceri Shaw
11/30/17 03:49:48PM @ceri-shaw:

Croeso Tony ...croeso i AmeriCymru. Ceri from Portland Oregon here, formerly from Cardiff south Wales. My partner Gaabriel and I set up this site nine years ago as a social site for the Welsh, ex-pats and persons of Welsh descent from around the world. Since then it has grown enormously and we have many plans for future development. Please don't hesitate to use the many features on the site ...blogs, photos, forums etc to socialise and communicate with other members of the Welsh 'daiaspora'. Once again....Croeso! :)