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SexBomb - explodes on 'The Hub' !!

SexBomb - explodes on 'The Hub' !!

Friday October 1 2010, 9:00 PM
@ The Hub, Excelsior & Hwy 41, Hanford, CA
Attendees:  @Jennifer (aka Garan Gwyn)@@Brian y Tarw Llwyd@SexBomb
SexBomb is set to bring it's unique brand of virile, accoustical napalm to the legendary "Hub" on Friday, October 1st. Don't miss it!!

Brian y Tarw Llwyd
09/23/10 03:36:24PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:
You will have a couple of druids in attendance!BendithionBrian
Ceri Shaw
09/14/10 07:23:26PM @ceri-shaw:
Unfortunately no ....but Penderyn will be available at the ' Night of The Living Bards ' . We are, however, thinking in terms of a sponsored 'boat race' at next years LCE which will be in L.A.
Ceri Shaw
09/14/10 07:09:29PM @ceri-shaw:
Ceri Shaw
09/13/10 09:17:47PM @ceri-shaw:
I'll be there in spirit