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Sexbomb invites all our friends at Americymru to log on to IRFT Celtic Radio Tomorrow, February 11th, at 5 pm PST, to hear three new 'Sexbomb' tracks to open the show on Sean Owens live radio broadcast @ www. irftradio ; Diolch.

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"The Inspiration" . . .fantastic.

By SexBomb, 2010-02-10

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Last night's (2-8-10) broadcast of Jeopardy!, featured the the following as the Final Jeopardy answer, under the category of "Ranks & Titles" . . . . "Owain Glyndwr, who died circa 1416, was the last native of his country to hold this title." I nearly fell out of my chair (ok, the couch).... only one of the three contestants (it's the college tournament) got it correct..... and on a misty-eyed selfish note, my 2 year old (named Owen Glyndwr Parry), said his full name correctly for the first time in his life last night, after the prompting from Alex Trebek.... thanks Jeopardy!
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