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(Too?) White Christmas in Wales!

user image 2010-12-18
By: SexBomb
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The return of snow and ice is causing major disruption to the transport network across Wales. Almost 900 schools closed on Friday, bus services were suspended in many areas and there were delays on trains. (And the postponement of many a football match, too).

12/18/10 08:06:04PM @sexbomb:

Gaffer- i hope you had a healthy, survivalist stockpile of 'ol speckled hen' on hen, for such winter emergencies?

Ceri Shaw
12/18/10 07:24:34PM @ceri-shaw:

Looks like we'll get ours after Christmas in Oregon. Got snowed in for two weeks a couple of years back.

12/18/10 05:51:16PM @sexbomb:

Yeah, and i read many of the Xmas pantos had performances called off due to the icy roads...but it really hit home with no football this morning!

12/18/10 05:34:19PM @sexbomb:

No blydi footie on TV this morning...most epl matches postponed too.... ugh.