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National brewers have lost the plot, says Welsh ale champion

user image 2014-01-08
By: Robert Lloyd
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Leading Welsh brewer Evan-Evans has roundly condemned the national brewers for the new price increases that are planned for January 2014.
With price increases across the board of over 6p per pint, which translates to 20p at the bar, this is a price increase too far.
Simon Buckley, Chief Executive of Evan-Evans said:
"This year the government gave way and supported the industry with the removal of the duty escalator and a duty reduction - the first time for 57 years.
"Now the national brewers, Coors and the other top four, are pushing their prices up in the trade, and as a result are sending our on trade customers to the supermarkets.
"When are they going to get the message that the consumer cannot and will not pay an additional 20p per pint?
"The consumer is already spending more and more in the supermarkets. Despite the best efforts by companies like mine to drive the pub marketplace and to create customer value, the big brewers have lost touch and have forgotten what their customers can and will pay.
"The national brewers have betrayed the spirit of the Chancellor's Budget generosity and the removal of the much hated duty escalator. This price increase will drive customers out of our pubs to the fireside comfort of their homes.
"What is the justification for the price increase, inflation has dropped, world barley prices have dropped, diesel has been stable for a year. It can only be the 'top heavy' salary bills of the large corporations. Every other company in the UK has had to increase efficiency and to absorb inflationary price pressures.
"Cask ale from the small brewers now represents the very best value in the drinks sector, and it is time for us to break away from the national lager brands and offer good value alternatives.
"This price increase will badly affect the rural pub economy.
"The national brewers have lost the plot."

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