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The Hun and I

user image 2010-06-27
By: Quentin Whistleton Thynne
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Now look here!

My man Geoffrey informs me that The Hun has risen its Teutonic head in fair Bloemfontein and the only thing to defend us from Nazi tyranny are eleven stout lads from blighty. Let's hope they have the stuff of Empire to stamp out the jackbooting sausage eaters once and for all.

I remember a tussle or two with Fritz in my time - mostly when I was a member of SOE ( Special Operations Executive ). I was dropped into Baden Baden in 43 in order to create chaos in the Fatherland by starting a spy brothel ring. Couldn't trust the frau and fraulines of course so had to ship in some nice gels from Rodean.

There was Penelope Dimple - Bottom who had a nice line in sado masochism, - Lady Felicia Simpering who could extract more from a man in 30 seconds than a auto da fe full of inquisitors and my own dear Memsahib; the Mem's speciality concerned a bratwurst sausage and two pounds of butter- extraordinary. The point is we taught the Hun a thing or two about ball play.

This brings me back to my original exhortation; England expects every man to thrash the Krauts to within a pfennig of their lives this a'rternoon. Failure to do so will prompt me to cancel the promised Madam Pom Poms soiree at Dave's place SW1.

Toodle Pip

Quentin Whistleton Thynne
07/02/10 05:34:51AM @quentin-whistleton-thynne:
Wouldn't trust the Hun in broad daylight holding a cocktail stick. Shall have to invite a Kraut 11 for a spot of leather on willow. Then we'll see who won two bloody world wars.Lady Unquentine. I shall of course be delighted to rub your ribena on Sunday. Please make sure that there's a gallon of baby oil, a bag of frozen sprouts and a marrow available. Until then dear lady.QWT ( Col Rtd ).
Lady Unguentine Battleship
06/27/10 11:46:52PM @lady-unguentine-battleship:
Hold your tongue, boy! There'll be none of that sort of talk here, I assure you! The Empire shall always be the Empire and nothing any sort of continental creature may do can ever affect that, I assure you!Quentin, I shall expect you and that wife of yours at supper at the family estate on Sunday. We''ll have bratwurst to celebrate.
Ceri Shaw
06/27/10 07:25:05PM @ceri-shaw:
Didnt work out quite as expected eh Quentin?