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Boering Blighters

user image 2010-06-05
By: Quentin Whistleton Thynne
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The Boer has landed.The Zulu and Dutch farming stock have dared to set foot on God's own once again. I take this as akin to planting their flag on my front lawn. INVICTUS MY DERRIERRE.Back in the days when men were men and assegai were returned in the best possible manner - at the end of a bayonet - your Sarth African was a reasonable chap. As a friend of mine Lord Chelmsford once said "The only good Boer is a dead Zulu". But then that was in the days of Iswandlhana when we rused the entire Zulu nation into a trap. Only lost some 1200 men but showed them some stuff at Rorke's Drift where the Taff masquerading as soldiers did the English Empire proud.Once knew a gal from Natal called, oddly enough, Tierra del Veldt who could knock a man's balls out of the stadia she played to. Er! That's just not er cricket. Coming dear.QWT