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Launch of Y Draenog Bendigaid - The Blessed Hedgehog

Duration: 00:05:00
The maiden voyage of a eight foot rowboat I built, into the Housatonic River in Connecticut.

Beverly G
03/01/09 06:18:54PM @beverly-g:
Congrats on your launch of the Blessed Hedgehog. If you get up to the Southbury area, please wave to my daughter as you pass by! (and the currents are better there)
Peter Lewis
02/28/09 12:12:19AM @peter-lewis:
Right you are Lyn! It's a bit small to deal with the currents and tides in that part of the river. I'll ave to go upstream a few miles where I can quietly drift and bob! Short orange coat for me...
Lyn James Jenkins [Mr]
02/27/09 11:22:41AM @lyn-james-jenkins-mr:
Although its a nice little boat,Let's hope that it always will float,Mind the wash from a ship!"Y Draenog" might tip !!Get yourself a short orange coat!!Lyn of
Lyn James Jenkins [Mr]
02/27/09 10:56:01AM @lyn-james-jenkins-mr:
A note of caution. Even though that little boat floats well, I reckon that the occupier/s should ALWAYS wear a life-jacket. I live by the sea and I have seen too many accidents happen.Too many have drowned on the River Teifi and Cardigan Bay through unforeseen circumstances. Even though it is a nice dinghy ,it is very small and fairly narrow. A larger boat could pass too closely at speed and the wash[large wave] might overbalance the occupier and tip him out. From Lyn of .
Peter Lewis
02/26/09 08:11:33PM @peter-lewis:
Diolch everyone. I should mention that I had a lot of help with my Welsh grammar and pronunciation from the good folks at, another great resource for Welshophiles and Welsh learners! :)
02/26/09 05:14:19PM @phil-d:
Great job. :)
Ceri Shaw
02/26/09 05:04:37PM @ceri-shaw:
Couldnt resist it...sent this one out as a broadcast to all members:) Gwych!
02/26/09 05:02:40PM @gaabi:
You built that boat?! Nice job, it looks great and it went very well!
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