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A Wedding

user image 2020-12-13
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

Near-deserted lanes mid way up low hills 

the sodden escarpments of unfashionable zones

unvisited by most who know of their existence

in this interlude when a shadow cajoles our attention

the damp hushed houses of this year’s departed

dust on shelves weeds between paving slabs

awaiting tidying up and reinvigoration

and the lengthy sigh of a decision reached

(starling darlings lingering watch unwatched)

among the personal effects in those corners 

not accessed in a period compromised 

by the seizing up of bones 

and the disorder of failing and forgetfulness

an antique from the top of a wedding cake but whose?

two figures a bride and her groom

he minus his head his sacrifice 

making them equal in height

(can mementos metamorphosize into voodoo dolls?)

how had he come to lose his head? 

how was he relevant to the widower 

in whose former home it was found?

who and when did they represent?

what I am to do now that this imperfected tribute

this broken inheritance is in my possession 

the only one that has raised its head to me?

Ceri Shaw
12/14/20 07:39:08PM @ceri-shaw:

Perfect! Captures the feeling you sometimes experience when you contemplate a random discarded object and ponder its significance. " can mementos metamorphosize into voodoo dolls?" ? Happy

Paul Steffan Jones AKA
12/17/20 12:03:15AM @paul-steffan-jones2:

Diolch Ceri.