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An Old Moon Over Old Fields

user image 2020-09-19
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

I am looking out for a comet

but I am distracted by 

what could be a fox 

maybe only its eyes

or a suggestion of movement

one is never alone in the dark

a moon illuminated tree

at the edge of a field

bales of hay



in sharp relief

(I see the moon

the moon sees me)

that way they ask where we were

what we were doing 

and who we were with on 09/11

the day that Princess Diana died

or when the first lunar landing

was broadcast

the graininess of our discoveries

on trembling flickering screens

do people of different times

recognise the changing face

of the moon altered 

as everything and everyone is 

by contact with irresistible objects?

did it look the same to human observers

one hundred

one thousand

one million years ago?

and do we look as they used to?