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You've Missed a Bit (Patterns of Incompetence)

user image 2020-08-13
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

A disease that largely affects the elderly

now they're targeting the young

as they too are succumbing to the virus

and could pass it on to old people

as they enjoy newly relaxed freedoms

"don't kill Granny"

the latest deadly catchphrase

in a whole literature of them

and on the subject of our grandparents

over 20,000 people died of Covid-19 

in care homes in the UK

despite Public Health England

stating in February 2020 that

the pandemic was unlikely to affect

that sector and despite the "ring of steel"

the Secretary of State for Health

claimed had been installed in order 

to safeguard our most vulnerable

those who could not escape

and who deserved every respect

and every layer of protection

we needed lions

we got chocolate fireguards

and as for face masks

does my bum look big in mine?

it's getting harder to choose

as at least two industries

have developed alongside

the possible need to wear them

one is the creative attempt

to inject jazz into accidental genocide

through a multitude of designs

in an effort to turn a feel bad time

into something like a feel a little better time

the other industry is somewhat older

it's the one that's lining the pockets

of friends of the Tory party who laughably

describe themselves as a Government

you know the same ones who ordered

55 million masks that were not 

suitable for use by the NHS

I don't suppose they even tried

to get a refund on our tax-payers' money

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