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user image 2020-07-31
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

Please keep your distance

I don’t want to catch anything from you

and I'm sure you feel the same way

staying indoors like a rained-off

summer holiday but this time

with endless advice on

how to fill our days as if

we can't be trusted to function

outside the tethered thinking

of workplace diktats

I tell you how I will spend my time

I will memorise the confusion

incompetence and untruths

that have led to this moment

while I fashion my response

among the sawdust of my lockdown lock-up

I will weaponise a disarticulated 

wooden garden chair leg

convert it into a crude war club

a coup stick for future skirmishes

over toilet paper and chocolate digestives

sand it a little

scrape a chisel along its length

adorn it with smart black Gorilla tape

and a libation of teak oil

a camouflaged and concealed weapon 

that still looks like a chair leg

as that was what it was made to be

ordinary domestic now deadly

like any household object

I choose it because its shape presents 

itself to me from among 

the other fractured wood

the flotsam of my materialism

because I assess that I might need it

to defend myself in the resistance

against the unelected 

super rich rulers of the world

the "supremacists"

the dark money and dirty companies

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Ceri Shaw
08/01/20 02:29:46AM @ceri-shaw:

Hmmmm...weaponised chair legs...grim. I had a similar experience in the DIY store the other day. As I walked to the checkout with my new 16lb tactical sledge hammer ( we are building a fence around the front yard) slung nonchalantly over my shoulder, I heard someone comment - "Now there's some social distancing right there." Sign of the times.

Paul Steffan Jones AKA
08/01/20 01:00:39PM @paul-steffan-jones2:

Sign of the times indeed.  I ought to have been broadcasting live from my garage, teaching how to make viable weapons from junk, interspersed with the odd stanza or two!  This would have been as good as the "celebrities" kitchens in my opinion but the "element of surprise" would have been lost....I quite like the sound of a tactical sledgehammer.  Be careful with it, Ceri.