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Number Cruncher

user image 2020-07-11
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

Munching a Crunchie bar 

he splutters as the daily death figures

don't come down quickly enough for him

when the total reaches 44,000*

he starts to feel a bit like 

it's Medieval days again

only this time with apps 

that don't always deliver 

and the act of dying more private

splutter splutter

mutter mutter

stutter stutter

he gets restless as the deaths

are now at least twice the amount

the scientists said would be 

an acceptable outcome not so long ago

who can you believe?

who can you trust?

thank God for TV remotes

pity they can't switch off his mind too 

and those of the others

though at times he thinks

even this is debatable

the weather suddenly 

turns cold windy and damp 

unsettling and depressing

a summer bypassed

he feels a shiver in his t shirt

remaining resolutely sun-worshipping

despite the evidence

*insert your own country's figures or update the UK figure if so inclined