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Sleeping Cities

user image 2020-07-03
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

He dreams of capital cities 

the pyramids of money 

the cut-price labour that raised them

now laid off

in quarantine

blacked out





the underground 

and overground railway tracks


no children at play 

no vehicles in motion 

parked forever

a sky reprieved

and exonerated

is reflected in lakes

fountains and tributaries

where fish nervously return

and dolphins are anticipated

sea eagles ravens and sparrows 

rule the high buildings 

their glass blue 

in the reconditioned atmosphere

quaking in expectation

learning to breathe again

sleeping cities

are secret cities

how conurbations are effaced

stifled by their inattention

buried under their obese ambition

as sleep comes to his dream

and the dreamt citizens

of the pestilent civilization

the last supermoon of the year

a flower moon

blossoms over a trembling stillness

and the lights are still on 

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