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Wales in The Middle

user image 2017-03-03
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

The lonely chapel of Soar Y Mynydd

could be the centre of our country

at least my version of it

the guns of the spare neighbouring farms

twitchiness around their triggers

lest another gun returns

let us acknowledge our killers

for they are of us

and not so different

our trajectories leading to

opposing outcomes

and while we’re facing our violent past

let’s recall our battle sites

not lauded

though they’re here

over a gate or a hedge

under a centuries-deep carpet

down a dip

off a minor road

with the signs deliberately changed

to the wrong direction

we fought too

we died too

but our sacrifices don’t count

in the toxic pre-Brexit empire

those mysterious mounds

those straight roads

the many narrow ways home

this is my country

you can have it


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