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Help Build A Welsh-American Archive!

user image 2012-12-22
By: mona everett
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will be built at the Great Plains Welsh Heritage and Culture Centre n Wymore.

A 25 ft. square building, made of steel-reinforced poured concrete, with tornado-proof doors, super-insulation, temperature and humidity control and fire protection, will be added to the Welsh Heritage Centre.

This will become a major research facility for Welsh America n immigrant research, housing the archival records and artifacts of Welsh newspapers, Welsh Societies, Welsh Churches, and Welsh immigrants and their descendants. Many of the artifacts will be rotated through the museum exhibits for visitors to enjoy.

The Board of Directors and friends of the Welsh Heritage Centre have already contributed more than $70,000. We need $33,000 more to complete the project.

Help us preserve our Welsh American history by sending a donation to :

Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project
PO Box 253
Wymore, NE 68466

We are a 501 (c)3 non-profit, so a donation made in 2012 may be a tax deduction for you. Check with your accountant!

Thank you for your support of our Centre!

mona everett
12/23/12 12:43:53AM @mona-everett:

They actually already have a lot of archival material, rare books, and artifacts, but are running out of space and need a real archival building, so that is what this will be. Researchers have come from Wales to use their facilities already and have found info unavailable elsewhere!

mona everett
12/23/12 12:42:03AM @mona-everett:

Aside from sending buckets of cash , the best thing would be to spam it around! Thanks!

Iain Sewell
12/23/12 12:07:09AM @iain-sewell:

Good luck in the Project

12/22/12 11:54:44PM @gaabi:

Ah, fantastic idea! Yep, what can we do to help?

Ceri Shaw
12/22/12 11:43:57PM @ceri-shaw:

Would be happy to help in any way we can with this project