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Please vote for my friend's cousin--a disabled Welsh veteran!

user image 2012-10-25
By: mona everett
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Hello, I have a friend in Wales who has been shortlisted for A Hero's Wedding. Please go here before Oct. 29 and vote for Emma York and Steve Young: vote-here/
Scroll to the bottom of the page to vote!

Steve is a member of Walking with the Wounded and was with the group of disabled veterans that walked to the North Pole. If you happen to know Steve, please keep this a secret. Thanks!

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
10/26/12 10:25:19PM @gaynor-madoc-leonard:

Voted. Hope all goes well for them.

mona everett
10/26/12 07:32:25PM @mona-everett:

Will do, Ceri--thanks! And, if they happen to win (I imagine all the couples are rallying forces), I will post here, too!

Ceri Shaw
10/26/12 07:14:18PM @ceri-shaw:

Just voted ! Wish them pob lwc for me

mona everett
10/26/12 07:05:51PM @mona-everett:

Thanks, Gaabi!

For anyone interested in Chicago-style voting (vote early and often!), someone discovered you can vote once from each device you have!


10/26/12 06:04:48PM @gaabi:


mona everett
10/26/12 03:40:53PM @mona-everett:

Wyn--Wouldn't be be wonderful if our AC community could put this great couple over the top? :)


Iona Wyn Hall
10/26/12 02:28:30PM @iona-wyn-hall:

Croeso Mona,that would be over 3,000 votes!Pob hwylIona

mona everett
10/25/12 11:22:39PM @mona-everett:

Thjanks, Wyn--If everyone here voted, it would really help! :)

Iona Wyn Hall
10/25/12 11:05:43PM @iona-wyn-hall:

Diolch Mona, just voted and will spread the word, good luck Emma & Steve