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I suppose this is a good a time and place to crow a little! I am a planning committee member for our local Celtic Heritage Gathering, and just todayt we were awarded $4000 from one of our local Communities for the festivities! I am very excited!

Ceri Shaw
01/24/18 03:13:06AM @ceri-shaw:

Job da Matthew :) Will there be a strong Welsh presence?

Matthew Reese
01/24/18 06:09:57PM @matthew-reese:

We are still setting up our guest list, but we are going to be reaching out to both the Great Plain Welsh Heritage Centre and the Colorado Welsh Society; so hopefully they will be able to come! (We here are Way closer to Denver CO than Wymore, but some folks from GPWHC were up a few months back along with the guys from Moch Pryderi as part of the Nebraska Traveling Welsh SongFest. So hopefully we can entice them back!)