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Lyn Clarke has and continues to lead an exceptional life. Noted for his rugby, soccer, tennis and pool playing, he was also an exceptional runner at track, cross country and road races. A top engineer and salesman at work, he traveled throughout Britain, Europe, Scandinavia and, most recently, the United States.

On the social side, Lyn is an avid partier, prankster and raconteur with a reputation of being on the cutting edge of humor. His transformation from the streets of his blue-collar, coalmining and steel-making hometown in Wales, to the sandy white beaches of the semi-tropical paradise island in Florida where he now resides, has been nothing short of spectacular.


Memoirs of a Welshman

Ramblings of a Welshman

Reflections of a Welshman

Amazing States


Sharon Marie Clarke is the eldest of five children, with one gone but never forgotten. She grew up in Michigan where her father labored as a Detroit steelworker and her mother, with Pennsylvanian coalmining roots, was a stay-at-home mom. As an author, Sharon completed Mourning Redemption believing that it would be her one and only novel; however, due to its popularity she wrote the sequel Morgan’s Crossing,at the insistent and delight of her readers. Ever the artist, Sharon supplied the sketches in her first novel. With pen and paper aside, she plans to pursue her love of the arts. She is an accomplished painter and plans to learn the guitar. Sharon makes her home in Florida and enjoys walks along the beach and spending time with her family and friends.


Mourning Redemption

Morgan's Crossing

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Lyn & Sharon Clarke
@lyn-sharon-clarke • 5 years ago

Today is Lyn & Sharon Clarke's Birthday
Lyn & Sharon Clarke
@lyn-sharon-clarke • 6 years ago • comments: 0
Today is Lyn & Sharon Clarke's Birthday


Brian y Tarw Llwyd
09/04/16 01:35:00PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:

Penblwydd Hapus i chi! Happy Birthday to you! May your day be full of good friends and family, and good cheer.
Pob hwyl

Huw Winston
09/09/08 04:45:42PM @huw-winston:
Lyn and Sharon,Bought your books at your booth in Oak Brook and liked them very much. Lyn when will the third book of your trilogy be out? Hope to see you next year in Pittsburgh.Huw
Lyn & Sharon Clarke
07/21/08 04:38:25PM @lyn-sharon-clarke:
Hey Dai.I thought of the Welsh Guardsman's name [who I played rugby with in Cheshire] it was Mike Gladwin and he was a good tearaway forward the kind that would run someone over than go around him.Talking about Max Boyce, remember "I met her in the Con Club in Pontypool" a line in one of his songs. Well, this past May I was in the Con Club. I was back home pedling my books and did signings in Newport, Cwmbran, Pontypool [2] and Blaenavon. At Ponty I rented a table at the market because there are no book shops there anymore.It wowked out quite good as I sold every copy that I had with me [about 100] My son came down from Doncaster and we went up from Caerleon and had a few pints at the Colliers' the Labor in Vain and the Sally all up the tranch area. I also went to the Race Club at the top of Blaendare Road and quite honestly there is not too much of note left in the old town. Luckily I still have a good number of my old rugby playing budies left and they always make me welcome although some of them are no longer around. Did I tell you that at one stage of my life I played for Ponty United and my father was captain of that club when it was known as the Harlequins before WW11. All the best. Lyn [the flying Welshman].
Dai Tilley
07/19/08 04:44:09AM @dai-tilley:
Hello: Thanks for the msg. Pontypool! Brings back memories of Max Boyce singing 'The Pontypool Front Row'. My memoirs are coming along slowly, but I will get there. My memory is too good,, when I get halfway through a paragraph I remember something else and have to go back over it. Looking for a British publisher. Spent some time with 'snowbird' Welsh Guardsman in The Towers, St. Petersburg. May do another Florida trip this winter. Relative3s in Ft. Lauderdale. My cousin was mayor.. The USA v Argentine is on the TV now. 75,000 at Giants Stadium in New York. It's catching on. Keep your powder dry, Dai..
Dai Tilley
07/17/08 10:14:48PM @dai-tilley:
Dear Lyn and Sharon; I would like to establish contact with you:. My background is Cardiffian (Tiger Bay). Welsh Guards Special Operations WW2,, US Air Force.. Now residing in Oregon. At present writing memoirs. See: Google: Captain P.R.J. Tilley.. Currently President Welsh Guards Association, North America Branch, Known as 'Dai' in the regiment.. Love to hear from you. Dai..
Ceri Shaw
06/15/08 07:13:28PM @ceri-shaw:
Hi LynI lived on the other side of town in New Inn. A little estate off Jerusalem Lane. It was but a short walk to Llandegfedd Reservoir and a short drive to Cwmbran Town center. The family bought a bigger place in Croesyceiliog after a while and my mother now lives in Ponthir.Its good to hear that Pontypool Rugby Clubs' star is on the rise. I must admit I'm a bit out of touch with the sporting scene over there these days but I have fond memories of going to watch the match in Pontypool Park. I seem to remember, although I dont recall the year, one glorious occasion when Pontypool were the only club to beat a touring New Zealand XV. They beat the Welsh national side as well but Pontypool humbled them. A night of intense celebration see from your website that both you and Sharon are authors. To my shame I have not read your work, a deficiency that I will seek to remedy immediately. I am a voracious reader and anything with a Welsh theme is grist to my mill. Might we possibly feature you in our Welsh Books of The Month Club at some point?Hwyl am NawrCeri Shaw
Don Hughes
06/13/08 09:02:52PM @don-hughes:
glad to see you're things going..don't forget the Gymanfa Sept...and when are you coming into town..lunch, breakfast or afternoon tea (I have a new batch of welsh cakes but they wont last long)...need some ideas to keep the group perking!! and you should take over NINNAU...don hughes (374 1941)
Ceri Shaw
06/13/08 08:35:46PM @ceri-shaw:
Pontypool!!! I lived just outside Pontypool for many years as a boy. Went to school on Bleandare Rd...Jones West Mon Grammar School. Great to have another Pontypuddlian on here.
Ceri Shaw
06/13/08 08:32:44PM @ceri-shaw:
Hi Lyn and Sharon...Croeso i Americymru. Portland Oregon here...originally from Cardiff. Feel free to invite any friends that you think would be interested in joining. The network has many features which allow people with a shared love of Wales to communicate and share photos, videos, links, blogposts etc and we will be adding new features from time to time. Make yourself right at home.Once again...Croeso