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MY first book Titled  The Home World Chronicles darkness Rising Book 1

This is my first book and I am currently working on book two, so I am still learning.

I have added part of the preface in my book. The book has only just gone up so I don't know how much I am allowed to show.

Preface (Snippets of )

This story sort of came to me in a dream, the charters names and plot danced in front of my eyes at around three am forcing me to wake up. By four am I was writing the story you see before you.

I did not want to write about the usual stuff but the charters had other ideas on the matter, they pushed me in certain directions and did things I did not want them to do but they are their own people after all. Who am I to interfere?

You will notice that there is a large Welsh influence throughout the book (shock horror I am Welsh), there will be a little Welsh folklore as well as symbols and some contextual passages throughout the book that all add to the storyline both in this book and hopefully in books to come.

Links with another planet which you are all familiar with will become apparent as will the link between this world and the creation of the Welsh culture which may not be made clear in this book. What was the reason for this?

Most books and films that have characters from the UK in them only have them from England, Ireland, and Scotland. I felt this to be wrong and that it was time for a change.

Paperback back cover

Myth, magic add a little Welsh folklore.

Throw in an evil so old that it is only called the darkness.

Add two children, one boy and one girl both 12years old and attending the first year of school at the same time.

The school teaches magic born and mundane alike and NO there is no waving of sticks or flying on broomsticks (broomsticks are for sweeping after all).


Thomas is rich arrogant and entitled, also unhappy and lonely.

Andra is quiet, bright, not at all comfortable with the way she looks and also lonely.

We follow them through their epic battle with evil.

We follow them through the good times and the bad, through joy and sorrow.

They live on a planet that is in a different dimension, where dragons are thought extinct and mythical creatures exist.

I have two introductions that may characters Andra and Thomas made me write, I will post them if anyone is interested.

Yes I know there will be errors but I will learn from them and do better next time 



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