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Dear Americymru-ersGreetings to you all from a Welsh woman from the South Valleys living in Uruguay in South America since 2000. My band has just launched our first album, and I thought some of you may be interested! Traditional folk from the British Isles meets Buenos Aires melancholy meets Pampas zamba Trelew is a town in the Patagonian region of Argentina founded by Welsh immigrants in the 1880s. They speak Welsh there to this day. Trelew the band blends traditional music from the British Isles with original compositions that explore the links between the old country and South America, and features musicians and sounds from the River Plate region.For those of you on Facebook, I wanted to let you know that Trelew now has a Facebook page. We have just started and would really appreciate it if you'd help us get started with our "friends" list - we're looking very unloved right now ;)We're on Facebook and MySpace where you can find four of the songs from our first album which is out this month. And if you like the music, the CD is available in the States on independent record distributors' CDBaby.com Looking forward to hearing from the wider Welsh American community and enjoyKarenxx
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