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Cynthia Davies
03/25/10 04:40:20AM @cynthia-davies:
Croeso JohnJoin us in New York City for our annual Singing Festival .The Rehoboth Choir will be singing along with us Warm welcome and welsh cakes . April 11th. nycwelsh.comNos DaCynthia
Terry Mostyn
07/29/09 08:45:07PM @terry-mostyn:
Hey JohnEnjoyed the cd ,did you recieve mine? Let me know ,hope all's well and I would enjoy meeting up and talking more about the Mostyn's of Wales,my motorcycle is ready to go,Iechyd Da!Terry Mostyn
Joan Williams
04/21/09 03:35:35AM @joan-williams:
Thank you, John, for your birthday wishes. Yes, we are so thankful for the Idaho Humanities Council, The Idaho Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment of the Arts. Until you are involved in an undertaking like ours, you don't appreciate or understand how important they are. We couldn't put on our little festival without their support.
Beverly G
01/18/09 11:09:19PM @beverly-g:
Hi from Colorado! I've had the pleasure of visiting Wales a few times and spent quite a bit of time in Bangor in the town records office.
peter williams
01/16/09 12:33:49AM @peter-williams:
thanks JOhn, no, I have not had a chance to get a copy of your book. Will make it a priority. I have two books ready right now. "Wales and the Welsh: An Alphabetical Guide," and "Britain; the Rise and Fall of an Empire." Peter
Suzie Morris
01/14/09 07:44:45PM @suzie-morris:
I would love to read your research Winifred's well, it plays an important in Welsh folklore.Oh, if you do find that job first, just think of me when a second one becomes available.
Bill Roberts
01/08/09 05:02:27PM @bill-roberts:
Wasn't looking for apology nor expecting one; just a little inside joke for the two of us. Did you ever play in the Lavabo Bowl? Sounds (pun untended) like you're doing what you want to. Hwre!
Bill Roberts
01/08/09 03:26:06PM @bill-roberts:
Bore da, John. Yes, it seems we have at least as much in common as possible between Nashota and SWTS persons! Are you still a parish priest and rural dean? Or are you now a full-time writer? Hwyl am y tro a phob bendith.
Ned Phillips-Jones
01/02/09 05:40:55AM @ned-phillips-jones:
Thanks for the information, John. I'll no doubt refer to that at some point. I only learned about the practice from Traditional Fishing in Wales by Emrys Evans, which contains a page-long description of welsh trout wells. According to this book, it was normal for the trout to live in the wells for half a century.Bendigedig!
Ned Phillips-Jones
12/30/08 10:12:56PM @ned-phillips-jones:
John,To answer your question (from memory, as I've somehow deleted it) ethnobotany is the study of interactions between people and plants. For example, I'm learning about hazel, currant, elderberry, sloe plum and similar culturally important species by growing them. In the future I would LOVE to share seeds and plants with Americymru members. Your research on springs looks fascinating, I'll look forward to checking it out. I'm fascinated by the longstanding tradition of trout in holy wells and their symbolic significance.Heddwch
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