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Gaf i wybod beth chi'n meddwl/Let me know what you think. Diolch.

user image 2012-06-18
By: John Good/Sioni Dda
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Beams of Light

Please click on the above link to hear 'Beams of Light'


A Short Interview With John Good

AmeriCymru: 'Bridges' ( from which 'Beams of Light' is taken ) is a work in progress. When can we expect to hear more? Will there be a CD?

John: I'm hoping to add another installment before Nadolig/Christmas. but I'm trying to keep the energy up without rushing. I'm looking at adding "moving" graphics for a YouTube kind of job, possibly ending up as a multimedia CD.

AmeriCymru: I know many of our members will be keen to hear this work performed at the WCE. Will it be in your repertoire?

John: Some parts but other similar and dissimilar things (got to keep you and me on our toes). Anyway, Welsh culture of the more traditional kind is extremely broad-based and routinely neglected. I try to adjust that wherever I go. Everything is on the table.

AmeriCymru: How would you describe Beams of Light/Bridges? Is it perhaps a song cycle or a series of connected poems set to music? Does it have an overall theme?

John: I think it's a first installment of a 20 year scrapbook of song, verse, instrumental with story and legend to be added in future linked episodes ... sort of an alphabet 'cawl' with musical croutons. The theme is a loose narrative created by longtime travelling, learning, laughing, forgetting, regretting and loving.

AmeriCymru: Is it possible to detect many influences at work in 'Beams of Light'. Has the writing been influenced by any one particular poet/songwriter would you say?

John: Many: Viv Stanshall, both Dylans, rock salmon and 6, Gareth Edwards, Strongbow, Owain Glyndwr, choc ices, Port Talbot steel works ...

AmeriCymru: Any final message for our readers?

John: Y mae Cymru ar fin o adennill ei hunan hyder. Byddwch yn falch.

Wales is on the point of regaining her self confidence. Be proud.


Ceri Shaw
06/20/12 07:21:09AM @ceri-shaw:

Post updated to include a short interview with John Good

Ceri Shaw
06/19/12 10:23:19PM @ceri-shaw:

AmeriCymru in association with the Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation is pleased and proud to announce that Tramor ( John Good and Billy Parker ) will be appearing at the 2012 West Coast Eisteddfod at the Multnomah Arts Center in Portland on October 13th. This news is hot off the press and the events page has not yet been revised to reflect their performance times ( it will be later today ). John Good will also be assisting our panel of judges in their deliberations in the live Storytelling, Poetry and Comedy competitions. He will also lead the singing of the national anthem at the opening ceremony.

For more information about Tramor please go here..... 'Tramor' At The West Coast Eisteddfod 2012

John Good/Sioni Dda
06/19/12 03:31:40PM @john-good-sioni-dda:

Diolch Peter.

Peter  James  Murphy
06/19/12 10:36:32AM @peter-james-murphy:

Diolch o'r galon John. Listening whilst sitting here looking out of the window towards Tongwynlais and the hills beyond, a delightfully evocative piece. Bwyd am yr enaid. Diolch unwaith eto.

Ceri Shaw
06/18/12 10:45:05PM @ceri-shaw:

Superb John!!!! A thousand diolchs for posting. I particularly liked the line:- "..and peace though simple is a practiced thing". Much to reflect on there. In your email you said:-" It's called Beams of Light and is the first part of a solo project called Bridges." When can we expect more? Will the completed work appear as a CD?

06/18/12 10:43:08PM @gaabi:

John, that was gorgeous, I loved it! Is that a new project you're doing? Will it be part of a collection?