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Another new tradition for Saint David’s Day

user image 2023-02-07
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: St Davids Day

Pawb ar y traeth ym Mhwllgwaelod.jpg

( Scroll down for Welsh )

Remember those days when celebrating Saint David’s Day (SDD) used to be about wearing daffodils, eating Welsh cakes and Bara Brith with every school having their ‘Eisteddfod’ with a very visible presence of cute kids in traditional Welsh costumes?

Times have moved on since then and nowadays there are countless parades with three County Banners and numerous school banners being paraded based on the words and images of an anthem specifically written for Saint David’s Day (Words: Gwenno Dafydd, Music: Heulwen Thomas) which can be heard in concerts and events throughout Wales and even further afield.

As you may remember, Gwenno has been the Americymru World Saint David’s Day Ambassador since 2017 and many of the above developments have come about because of her tireless efforts over the last eighteen years when she first came up with the idea of a bilingual anthem for Saint David’s Day.

“The SDD Anthem has formed a central hub for the development of new traditions based on the song, including the three County Banners (Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Montgomeryshire) and school banners. All the publicity I have been able to generate with all these projects have also helped to promote the notion of parades – school, village, town and county. I am delighted to say that this year the Montgomeryshire Banner has found a new permanent home in Owain Glyndwr’s Parliament House in Machynlleth. I am in discussion with the local school (Ysgol Bro Hyddgen) about creating a new tradition of parading the Banner from the school to the Parliament Building whilst the children sing the SDD Anthem.” said Gwenno.

Gwenno is always thinking of new and exciting ways to engage with more people to make SDD a potential gateway for people from all over the world to come and explore their Welsh roots. The tourist season in Wales is usually from April onwards but Gwenno sees no reason why people cannot be drawn here from March onwards with Saint David’s Day events being one of the reasons why people should come and visit. She is in close contact with several Welsh Assembly Senedd members in sharing these visions.

Her latest idea is a combination of factors and she is very keen to give credit where it is due, to those who gave suggestions that she combined into her latest project DaffyDips4Dewi . DaffyDipping

Around 2009 Gwenno was in contact with Pastor Phil Wyman from Salem in the States. You may or may not be aware of the fact that Saint David was called ‘Dewi Ddyfriwr’ (David the Waterman) He did not consume meat and only drank water. A veritable tee-totalling vegetarian. Phil decided that to celebrate SDD he wanted to walk waist deep into the chilly waters at Revere Beach, Massachusetts which he did, calling it a ‘Dunk for David’.

Gwenno always wanted to do something similar here in Wales but never managed to persuade others to do this. However, recently Jane Dalling, who is a member of the Pembrokeshire Bluetits Chill Swimmers, after a suggestion by local playwright Teresa Hennessy, decided she was going to celebrate her mother’s life on her birthday on the 17th January 2023 in Pwllgwaelod (North Pembrokeshire). Teresa gathered a flock of Bluetits who all wore large daffodil heads and went for a dip in memory of Jane’s mother Eira, who sadly died of cancer last year. Strangely enough, ‘eira' in Welsh is snow and it did indeed snow whilst they were taking part in the swim. Both Gwenno and Teresa form part of the Lower Town. Fishguard #SlipwaySirens swimming group and have been friends since they were in Fishguard Secondary School.

Gwenno is originally from North Pembrokeshire and had been a chill swimmer herself for several years, being a member of the Cardiff “Taffy Dippers”, the North Pembrokeshire “Bluetits” and the Lower Town, Fishguard ‘Slipway Sirens’ (who sing whilst they swim!)

Having been inspired by both Phil and Jane she decided to approach Sian Richardson, who created the Bluetits in 2015 and who lives in Pencarnan, just above Whitesands Bay in Saint David’s – very close to where Saint David went to school and also a beach where Gwenno has been regularly swimming all year round for the last twenty years and more. She asked her whether the Bluetits would be interested in coming on-board with the DaffyDips4Dewi idea and Sian said -“It means the world to me that The Bluetits are going to be part of the DaffyDips4Dewi event. We began with two people dipping on a Pembrokeshire beach and we became 100,000 people dipping on beaches, in rivers and lakes all over the world. I hope to see pictures of thousands of daffodil hats bobbing in the water on Sunday the 26th.

February this year, the closest Sunday to Saint David’s Day in celebration of Saint David – our very own local saintly ‘waterman’.

Next week we will tell you more about the incredible ‘Bluetits Chill Swimmers’ and how Sian Richardson very quickly transformed winters in West Wales. Until then - check out

The idea has already generated a lot of excitement with wild-swimmers such as Rhondda based ex-Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood and Cath Pendleton (The Merthyr Mermaid) who swam a mile in the Antarctic.

So if you want to take part in this marginally eccentric, but great fun idea on how to celebrate Wales’s Patron Saint then get yourself a beautiful big daffodil hat, stick your swimmers in a bag, fill that thermos, find yourself some cold water and make sure you take a photo after your dip and share on your social media using the hashtag DaffyDips4Dewi . DaffyDipping If you are a Pembrokeshire Person and you fancy a DaffyDip4Dewi then come to the Whitesands Bay beach on Sunday the 26th February at 11.00 sharp. Gwenno will sing the Saint David’s Day Anthem before charging into the sea with her fellow DaffyDippers

DaffyDips4Dewi can be done anywhere throughout the world and Wales in lakes, beaches and ponds. Get a gang of DaffyDippers together and take a photograph to share with the world. Remember to use the hashtag after your location e.g. Jackson Bay DaffyDippers

Make sure you get a daffy hat – available here:

Disclaimer : Doing a DaffyDip4Dewi is at your own risk. Please make sure that you are fit and well enough to do this. YOU are responsible for your own well being.

For additional information on how Gwenno Dafydd has developed new traditions for Saint David’s Day have a look here and be inspired.

Saint David’s Day Anthem can be bought here:



Traddodiad arall i ddathlu dydd ein Nawdd Sant

Ydych chi yn cofio’r dyddiau yna pan ein ffordd ni o ddathlu Dydd Gwyl Dewi (DGD) oedd i wisgo cenhinen neu genhinen bedr, bwyta cacennicri, bara brith a chawl gyda phob ysgol yn cynnal eu heisteddfod gyda presenoldeb llwyth o blantos bach ciwt mewn gwisg draddodiadol?

Mae amser wedi newid ers y cyfnod yna ac erbyn hyn mae nifer helaetho pareds (oddeutu 25 cyn y Cyfnod Cofid) gyda tair Baner Sirol a llwytho Faneri Ysgol yn cael eu gorymdeithio wedi eu selio ar eiriau adelweddau anthem gafodd ei hysgrifennu yn arbennig ar gyfer Dydd Gwyl Dewi (Geiriau Dwyieithog: Gwenno Dafydd. Cerddoriaeth: Heulwen Thomas) ac sydd yn cael ei chlywed mewn cyngherddau digwyddiadau DGD yng Nghymru a phedwar ban byd.

Falle y chi’n cofio fod Gwenno wedi bod yn Llysgenhad Dydd Gwyl Dewi Y Byd ar ran Americymru ers 2017 ac mae nifer o’r digwyddiadau uchodwedi dod i fodolaeth oherwydd ei hymdrechion di-flino dros y deunawmlynnedd olaf ers iddi feddwl am gael anthem ddwyieithog ar gyferdathlu ein Nawdd Sant.

“Mae Anthem DGD wedi creu canolbwynt i ddatblygu traddodiadau newydd wedi eu selio arni, gan gynnwys y dair Faner Sirol. (Penfro,Caerfyrddin a Threfaldwyn) a baneri ysgol. R’oedd yr holl gyhoeddusrwydd oeddwn i yn medru ei gynhyrchu gyda’r holl gynlluniau yma wedi helpu i hybu y syniad o gael pareds – rhai ysgolion, pentrefi, trefi a sirol. R’wyf wrth fy modd i ddweud fod Banner Sir Drefaldwyn wedi darganfod cartref parhaol yn Senedd-dy Owain Glyndwr ym Machynllwth. R’wyf mewn trafodaeth ar hyn o bryd gyda’r ysgol leol (Ysgol Bro Hyddgen) ynglun a creu traddodiad newydd o orymdeithio’r faner o’r ysgol i’r Senedd-dy tra fo’r plant yn canu Anthem DGD”. meddai Gwenno.

Mae Gwenno wastad yn meddwl am syniadau newydd a chyffroes i ymgysylltu gyda mwy o bobo i wneud DGD yn fynedfa posib i bobol ardraws y byd i ddod i archwilio eu gwreiddiau Cymreig. Mae y cyfnod twristiaid yng Nghymru fel arfer o ddechrau mis Ebrill ond d’yw Gwennoddim yn gweld dim rheswm pan na ellid ymestyn y cyfnod o fis Mawrth ymalen. Mae mewn cysylltiad agos gyda sawl aelod o’r Senedd i rannuei gweledigaeth a’i syniadau.

Mae ei syniad diweddaraf yn gyfuniad o nifer o ffactorau ac mae hi ynawyddus i roi’r clod i’r bobol wnaeth roid awgrymiadau sydd wedi cael eu cyfuno ganddi mewn i’w syniad diweddaraf sef DewchIDrochiDros Dewi DaffiDrochwyrDewi (neu yn Saesneg DaffyDipping4Dewi DaffyDipping )

Tua 2009 r’oedd Gwenno mewn cysylltiad gyda Pastor Phil Wyman o Salem yn yr Unol daleithiau (Mae e bellach yn byw yn Caernarfon)Ydych chi yn ymwybodol fod Dewi yn cael ei adnabod fel ‘DewiDdyfriwr’? D’oedd e ddim yn bwyta cig a dim ond dwr oedd e’n yfed. Uno’r dirwestwyr llysieuol cyntaf. Penderfynodd Phil y buasai’n dathlu DGD drwy gerdded i fynu at ei ganol mewn i ddyfroedd rhewllyd ar draeth Revere, Massachusetts, ac fe wnaeth, gan alw fe yn ‘Dunk for David’

R’oedd Gwenno wastad ishe gneud rhywbeth tebyg yma yng Nghymru ond erioed wedi gallu perswadio eraill i wneud hyn. Ta beth, yn ddiweddar, penderfynodd Jane Dalling, sydd yn aelod o Nofwyr Oerwch ‘Bluetits’ Sir Benfro, yn dilyn awgrym gan y sgwenwraig leol Teresa Hennessy, ei bod yn mynd i ddathlu penblwydd ei Mam ar ei phenblwydd ar yr 17eg o Ionawr 2023 ar draeth Pwllgwaelod (GogleddSir Benfro) Casglodd Teresa griw o ‘Bluetits’ at eu gilydd a’r criw i gyd yn gwisgo penwisgoedd cenin pedr ac fe aethon nhw i gyd i drochi er cof am Fam Jane, Eira, fuodd farw yn anffodus o ganser flwyddyn diwethaf. A peth rhyfedd iawn – fe fu hi’n bwrw eira ar y traeth tra bo nhw yn trochi. Cyd-ddigwyddiad anarferol iawn! Mae Gwenno a Teresa ill dwy yn aelodau o grwp nofio lleol Cwm Abergwaun y #SlipwaySirens ac yn ffrinidau ers eu hamser yn ysgol Uwchradd Abergwaun.

Wedi iddi gael ei hysbrydoli gan Phil a Jane fe benderfynodd gysylltu gyda Sian Richardson, wnaeth greu y ‘Bluetits in 2015 ac sydd yn bywyn fferm Pencarnan, sydd bron uwchben Traeth Mawr (WhitesandsBay) yn Nhy Ddewi – yn agos iawn at ble oedd Dewi Sant yn mynd i’r ysgol yn ogystal a thraeth lle bu Gwenno yn nofio yn rheolaidd reit rowndy flwyddyn am yr ugain mlynnedd olaf a mwy.

Gofynnodd os y buasai gan y Bluetits ddiddordeb i gymeryd rhan yn ydigwyddiad a dyma beth ddywedodd Sian:

“Mae’n werth y byd yn grwn i mi fod y Bluetits yn mynd i fod yn rhan o’r digwyddiad DewchIDrochiDrosDewi . Fe ddechreusom ni y Bluetits gyda dau berson yn nofio ar draeth yn Sir Benfro ac fe dyfodd i fod yn 100,000 o bobol yn trochi ar draethau a mewn llynnoedd ac afonyddled-led y byd. Dwi’n gobeithio gweld lluniau o gannoedd o hetiau cenin-pedr yn bobio yn y dwr Dydd Sul y 26ain o Chwefror eleni, y Sul agosa iDdydd Gwyl Dewi i ddathlu ein Nawdd Sant – ein ‘dyfriwr’ sanctaidd lleol.

Wythnos nesaf cewch glywed mwy am yr anghredadwy ofwyr oerwch Bluetits a sut lwyddodd Sian Richardson i drawsnewid gaeafau rhewllydy Gorllewin Gwyllt. Tan hynny - cerwch am sbec i

Mae y syniad eisioes wedi creu lot o gyffro gyda gwyllt-nofwyr felLeanne Wood, cyn arweinydd Plaid Cymru syn dod o’r Rhondda a CathPendleton (Mor-forwyn Merthyr) a nofiodd filltir yn yr Antarctic.

Felly os hoffe chi gymeryd rhan yn y digwyddiad, bach yn ecsentrig ondyn lot o hwyl, i ddathlu Dydd ein Nawdd Sant wel prynwch het geninpedr hardd, taflwch eich siwt nofio mewn bag, llenwch y thermos yna ,dargan fyddwch damed o ddwr oer a gwnewch yn siwr eich bod yncymeryd llun ar ol eich trochiad a rhannwch ar eich cyfryngaucymdeithasol gan ddefnyddio’r hashnod DewchIDrochiDrosDewi DaffiDrochwyrDewi neu/a  DaffyDips4Dewi DaffyDippers

Os ydych chi yn dod o neu yn byw yn Sir Benfro ag yn ffansio dod i#DrochiDrosDewi Dewch i Traeth Mawr (Whitesands Bay) Dydd Sul y26ain o Chwefror am 11.00 ar y dot. Fe fydd Gwenno yn canu Anthem Dydd Gwyl Dewi cyn rhuthro mewn i’r mor gyda gweddill y DaffiDrochwyr

Gallwch DrochioDrosDewi ble bynnag yn y byd ac wrth gwrs unrhywleyng Nghymru mewn llynnoedd, pyllau a thraethau. Bydd yn fwy hwyliogos oes na griw ohono chi yn ei wneud a cofiwch dynnu llun ohono chi irannu gyda’r byd. Cofiwch i ddefnyddio’r hashnod cyn eich lleoliad e.e. DaffiDrochwyr Aberporth

Gallwch brynu het cenin pedr fan hyn:

Disclaimer : Mae bod yn rhan o ddigwyddiad DrochioDrosDewi ar eich risg eich hunan. Gwnewch yn siwr eich bodyn ddigon iach a ffit i wneud hyn, CHI sydd yn gyfrifol am eich iechydeich hunan a neb arall.

Am fwy o wybodaeth am sut mae Gwenno Dafydd wedi datblygu traddodiadau newydd ar gyfer Dydd Gwyl Dewi Cymerwch bip fan hyn a gobeithio gewch chi eich ysbrydoli.

Gyda baner ac anthem gellid Dathlu Dydd Gwyl Dewi ‘ble bynnag yn y byd

Gellid prynu Anthem Dydd Gwyl Dewi fan hyn:

Daffy Dippers.jpg



You are very welcome to set up your own event, however doing a DaffyDip4Dewi is entirely at your own risk. Please make sure that you are fit and well enough to do this. YOU are responsible for your own well-being. Take warm clothing and a warm drink for after the event.

If you want to have the Saint David’s Day Anthem as part of your event (get a local school or choir on board) the Saint David’s Day Anthem can be bought here:

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