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Michael Madden
02/17/19 09:14:19PM
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Ode To Whaley Bridge Cricket Club

West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition 2018

Turning from Old to New Horwich Road

The footsteps slow

The breath deepens

The incline takes its toll

Onwards and upwards

To the place where the tarmac ends

And a choice awaits

To the left, who knows?

To the right, a track

That does not deserve the name of any thoroughfare

A simple, small, often concealed sign

Marks the way to WBCC

Beware of dogs, horses, ramblers

And take extra care if your car has a low exhaust

Passing places stretch the term

As side by side two vehicles dance

And rock and almost kiss

As the overgrown verge conceals discarded rock

From dry stone walls

Upwards and onwards once more

A gate, a wall

A wall, a gate

Turn to the right

And rest

And breathe

Breathe in that cleanest of air

And gaze across the landscape

Boats rest on a placid water

Clouds smile above a green tapestry

Criss-crossed with grey lines

And patchwork made good

With brown remnants

This is the picture from a jigsaw puzzle box

This is Blake’s England

This is Blake’s green and pleasant land

Below, the land is closer

A green baize

Where twenty two protagonists do battle

For nought but glory of the day

They chat

They play

They chat

Then play some more

Telling tales

Ever taller the more often told

Tall tales

That have lasted beyond a generation

Creating tales that will last

A generation more

Ebbing and flowing

The game progresses

And starts and stops

Ah yes

It must be time for tea

Michael Madden
02/17/19 09:13:06PM
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Do I Have To Go To School Today?

West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition 2018

Do I have to go to school today?

I would much rather stay at home and play

My time is usurped by the school by decree

In a pointless pursuit of pure pedagogy

I start out my day with hallowed history

Though why so is a quite mundane mystery

Pompous princes meet callous kings

Ridiculous rhymes, it’s a memory thing

The many wives that King Henry wedded

Poor Catherine Howard, she was beheaded

And then, alas, it must be maths

A million meaningless gruesome graphs

Arithmetic, angles, algebra and then

Calculate this to the power of ten.

French, ah the language of Descartes and Voltaire

But France? I doubt I will ever go there

Masculine miel and feminine fleur

The need for this language will never occur

And English, oh my what an end to the day

Poets and prose and a poor Priestley play

I would never read it, not one second look

I dread to see Shakespeare adorning a book

And that, my child, is why school is import

All that you told me are things that were taught

You quoted of kings of maths and of French

Your ability to alliterate exudes eloquence

Philosophers too, you are nobody’s fool

And that, my child, is why you must go to school

Michael Madden
02/17/19 09:11:40PM
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The Price Of A Pint

West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition 2018

Its £2.30 down our local
Not far off a fiver in town
And so, on it goes
The price of a pint, of near and far, of ups and downs
The government, the brewery, the landlord
Have all been scapegoats in their time
But now the doors to the Red Lion, the Royal Oak, the Nags Head 
Swing open
To let odd bedfellows laugh and scowl
Jostle and joke
Ah, the price of a pint
Knowing that those coins
Warmed by the lining of a winter pocket
Will buy just one for now
Ah, but there is more
What really is the value of a pint?
That amber pleasure 
Standing with white atop
Tall and straight
Or squat
It matters not
See friends, perhaps
Or strangers, passing for a while
Wooden tables
Cushioned seats
Or stools, or chairs
Or over at the bar where
An elbow leans
A foot rests
It matters not
For the pint is there
The pint
That source of conversation
The pint
That is the aperitif
To contests of the spirit and the mind
And occasionally the body
The pint
That is the pillar of community
Or just the solace of the sole traveller
And you oh constant bartender
The pint is there
The pint is it
All else is simply decoration
Trinkets to be tossed aside
The pint?
The one essential
So how much did it cost?
I knew before I entered this familiar place
The price is incidental
But the value is surely priceless

Michael Madden
02/16/19 03:49:18PM
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The River

West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition 2018

The River


Are you calling me?

Babbling, whispering

Daring to dream

Your early voices dancing on a shallow bed

But stronger then

Are you calling me?

Rumbling, tumbling

Picking your way

Careless steps, ah to be young once more

I hear your voice

Are you calling me?

Thundering wanderlust

Unchained lament

Now with pride and majesty

Ever nearer

Will you welcome me?

Overpowering, devouring

That vast domain

Where life will find its way

The River sleeps

Tomorrow to be strong

Elements will come and go, but

The River endures

With cold heart

And waves of eternity

Rambling, reaching, roaring, racing

You are The River

Are you calling me?

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Michael Madden
02/15/19 09:01:04PM
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They Will Not Play Again

West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition 2018

In tribute to those who lost their lives in the Munich Air Crash in 1958

They Will Not Play Again

On a cold Munich day in the ice and the snow
Forty-four souls filled with fear, filled with hope
In the dark, in the flames there was nowhere to hide
Twenty-one lived but twenty-three died

Pioneers all for the game for the score
Lost their lives for the cause of the game we adore
Friends torn asunder, families bereft
Their time has gone but we will not forget

The flyers and crew, those valiant men
Will no longer serve, they will not fly again
The journalists too, not of sword but of pen
How mighty those words, they will not write again

And trainers, and fans, of the club to the end
Will never cast eyes on United again
Those players, those boys, those brilliant men
Keep the memories bright, they will not play again